Liability Insurance Designed Specifically for Social Workers

Answers to Recent Questions From Mental Health Professionals

Social Worker FAQ's

We’ve received many calls from mental health professionals asking about alternative treatment methods including teletherapy and online therapy. Understandably, there is concern regarding liability insurance protection. It is the NASW RRG’s priority to protect our policyholders since they are owners of the NASW RRG. 

We want to help our policyholders to be able to continue serving their clients and communities, and have taken the following actions to protect you: 

  • DEFERRED PAYMENTS: A 60-day deferred policy renewal payment which allows extra time to pay the premium while maintaining your NASW RRG professional liability coverage.
  • PROTECTION FOR VIRTUAL THERAPY: Reassurance that your professional liability policy continues to cover you for therapy provided over the telephone, online, and other channels just like in-person care.
  • PROTECTION FOR RETIRED SOCIAL WORKERS: A Free No-Cost program that provides short term professional liability coverage for “retired” social workers who deliver uncompensated client care, and it has a zero-deductible and a generous $500,000/$1,000,000 policy limit during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • TELETHERAPY CONSENT FORM: A Teletherapy Consent Form that can be used to obtain client consent, which may be a requirement in certain states. This form can be used permanently even after the pandemic subsides.
  • RESOURCES: A series of free podcasts, webinars, and FAQs to navigate risk with a focus on technology.
  • PAUSE OPTION: A No-Cost pause option for professional liability policyholders to select in case the policyholder needs to take a time-out from professional services. The professional liability policy is not canceled, merely put on hold so current policyholders can receive a premium credit upon renewal date.

Visit the COVID-19 resource website for additional information. Or call 888-278-0038 to speak with a licensed insurance representative.

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