Liability Insurance Designed Specifically for Social Workers

Owning and Protecting Your Social Work Private Practice

You've decided to open your own practice, but now what? 

Start by making sure that you are complying with your state licensing laws. Some states require specific licenses for starting and operating a private practice. And often, a minimum amount of post-graduate experience is required to begin your private practice. So knowing your state laws is extremely important. 

Now, fast forward to when you are well into your private practice...

What if you are sued by a client unexpectedly? Are you and your practice protected?

Even the best trained social workers, who have followed professional standards, can be sued for malpractice when someone is unhappy with an outcome, justified or not.  A simple error or omission by an employee could make you and your practice vulnerable.

Lawsuits and licensing board complaints are stressful. Protect yourself, your partners and your practice with adequate professional liability insurance.

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