Liability Insurance Designed Specifically for Social Workers

Pay Attention to Named Perils When You Get Your Social Worker Professional Liability Insurance Policy

Named Peril

The Names Peril(s) are the risks the insurance policy contract lists as perils insured under the policy contract. A peril is a cause of loss such as from fire, theft, or malpractice perils such as negligence, sexual misconduct, information breach, client or office visitor slip and fall, licensing board inquiries, depositions, and many others.

Insurance policies list Named Perils, which are exactly what is covered by the insurance policy. There are also excluded perils that are listed. This is where contract language is very important. You must read your policy contract carefully and thoroughly. Some insurance policies are very subjective and unclear.

Some also have provision clauses which conditionally reverse of restricting the stated meaning and coverage in the same paragraph. Typically, exclusions and conditions are written in other parts of the policy contract from where a peril is listed as being covered, so a coverage gap can exist without the insured knowing. This is why it is imperative that you select an insurance provider who is looking out for your best interest, and not a commission paid insurance agent or agency.

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