Liability Insurance Designed Specifically for Social Workers

Policy Conditions

Policy Conditions

This is the section of the insurance policy that identifies the duties of the insured to qualify and maintain coverage eligibility, and the duties of the insurer to maintain the insurance coverage.

First and foremost, is that the insurer relies on the truthful representations and information provided by the insured at the time of the application for coverage and at the time of renewal. Contract conditions include language that is set forth to include the rules of the insurance policy contract such as loss reporting, fraudulent acts, misrepresentation, legal defense rights, settlement rules, general rights of both parties, policy cancellation, and nonrenewal terms.

Often times, contract parameters include coverage limits, sub-limits, aggregates, and frequency of perils. As an insurance shopper, it is important to read and understand the policy conditions by reading both the insurance policy contract as well as the Declaration page.

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