Liability Insurance Designed Specifically for Social Workers

Treat All Subpoenas As Valid

Social Workers should treat all subpoenas as valid


Subpoenas do not have to be signed by a judge, even though they are court orders, treat all subpoenas as valid. They have response time requirements so act immediately. Do not let these notices sit without attention. The subpoena may seek information from you or request that you appear in court to testify, or to simply record a deposition.

When our valued policyholders receive a subpoena they are encouraged to call the Helpline immediately. Depending on the nature of the deposition and the subpoena, you may redact portions of the client records to be privately reviewed by the judge (called in camera), for a final ruling. The reason here is to shield the client from possible retribution by a spouse who is at odds with the other spouse, or at odds with the child client for example. The RRG immediately assigns an attorney to help our policyholders with these matters.

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