Liability Insurance Designed Specifically for Social Workers

What Can Insurance Attorneys Help You With?

What Can An Insurance Attorney Help Social Workers With?

You may occasionally be involved in alternatives to lawsuit litigation that an insurance attorney will resolve for you.

An insurance attorney can help in:

  1. A Mediation is when the parties work with a third party to negotiate a resolution of their dispute in an informal, voluntary process.
  2. An Arbitration may be a binding or non-binding process and is more formal than mediation. The arbitration process may dictate the result or simply work with the parties to reach a resolution.

Without the insurance company defending you, you can reasonably expect to pay up to $450 per hour for an attorney who you hire. Moreover, there is no guarantee that this attorney has the requisite practice experience to defend you effectively. Pursuant to the insurance policy contract, inasmuch as the insurance company has assumed your risk transfer liability, the insurance carrier has the right to select the defense attorney.

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