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What Does First Named Insured Mean

Named Insured

The Named Insured is the individual or business named on the policy declarations page (on the front page of the policy). Typically this individual or entity is responsible for performing the daily functions of the insured, such as paying the insurance premium and operating the enterprise.

However, the First Named Insured is the first name listed on the insurance policy declarations page. This insured acts as the legal agent for all Named Insureds to initiate cancellation, request policy changes or accept returned premiums. The First Named Insured may also be responsible for the payment of premiums.

Often times, an additional insured is a person or organization that is added to the insurance policy through an endorsement to be covered. Often times, a landlord is named as an additional insured on a professional liability insurance policy. But beware, a professional liability policy is focused on covering professional services arising from therapy and treatment. It is therefore not the same coverage as general liability coverage. Do not mistakenly believe that naming a landlord as an additional insured on a professional liability insurance policy equals coverage under a general liability insurance policy. You will be uninsured for general liability risk and perils in most cases.

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