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What’s in your bag?

What's in your bag?
Social workers tend to carry a lot in their bags. In this blog post Ignacio Pacheco, a clinical social worker from California, shared what he packs in his bag daily. 

Every Day Carry Crisis Team Edition

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I made this video to show you the (many) things I carry in my bag, a Tom Bihn Daylight Briefcase that I pack especially for working my side-gig at the Crisis Team at a local hospital where I do psychiatric assessments on people brought in on involuntary hold. Below, I have the list of what I have.

The bag’s contents include:

My Every Day Carry makes me feel empowered and organized. Besides, I like carrying my stuff that I’m gonna need. So what if there’s a computer where I’m going? I like mine (technically, it’s a work issued laptop). The software I need is there and configured to my liking and my germs stay my own (I don’t need any new friends). I try to carry only the things I’m gonna need – no more, no less.


I love this bag. It’s compact, lightweight, and helps to keep me organized. I like having everything in one space and it is a mobile office where for when I am working my side gig. I like the quality of the material and how it hugs on to my body while not taking up too much space.

I like being able to dig into my bag and get my clipboard with my assessment and packed forms like a Release of Info (in English and Spanish), task checklist, etc. and be ready to roll. I like being able to stuff things in there (e.g. photocopies of important documents I’m going to need later) and knowing they’re going to be secure.

With everything secure, my hands can be free to carry the Red Bull that’s going to help me get through my shift or shake hands with the MD I’m working.

This article originally appeared on

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