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What To Do If You Receive a Release of Information Request?

What to do if you get a Release of Information Requests

Release of Information Requests

If the information request arises from the client, call the client to learn exactly what the client is requesting, and request that the client put it in writing to you. You have the option to write a high level and general summary of your treatment and care, including treatment start date, the frequency of sessions, and general topics of the sessions.

Remember that clients do not own the records. The records are owned by the practitioner of the sole proprietor practice. Otherwise, if an employee, the records are owned by the practitioner’s employer. HIPAA and most states grant some broad rights to clients to access the records. However, these broad rights may be denied in certain circumstances.

If the client or the client’s attorney requests more client records detail, we suggest our policyholders call the Helpline so an attorney can be assigned at the RRG’s expense.

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