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What to do when you receive a Board complaint!

How to Handle Board Complaints

Board Complaints

Social workers typically receive notice by a letter from the Board (of Social Workers).

So what do you do next?

There are time constraints here so you must act fast. You should not answer the notice or inquiry yourself, you may worsen your situation by stating something unintentionally, or your statement may be interpreted incorrectly by any party.

We recommend that our policyholders simply call the risk management helpline, initiate the Incident Report Form, and send a copy of the notice with the form as advised, for immediate assignment to the attorney in your state. There is no cost to the policyholder because the policy covers such incidents.

Do not agonize or dwell on the impact to your emotions from Board Complaints or inquiries, because frequently these filings are launched by disgruntled client spouses or disgruntled clients as a manifestation of their frustration.

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