Liability Insurance Designed Specifically for Social Workers

Supreme Court Decision Proves Positive for one NASW-Endorsed Professional Liability Insurance Policyholder


The NASW Risk Retention Group (RRG) is committed to focusing on what’s best for its policyholders and advocate for them. It’s that commitment to policyholders which drives everything we do through our comprehensive liability insurance protection. A recent issue before the North Carolina Supreme Court, Piro v. McKeever, is a prime example of our commitment to our valued policyholders. And for one particular NASW-Endorsed Professional Liability Insurance policyholder, the importance of having a strong professional liability insurance program was illustrated.

Social workers involved in divorce litigation are frequently drawn into the legal battles themselves. In these cases, having comprehensive liability insurance is critical. In this case, the RRG provided an experienced attorney to assist our policyholder at all levels of the litigation and was able to mobilize and produce an amicus curiae brief with strong legal arguments in support of the policyholder. Legal fees were also paid by the RRG in excess of $100,000 for this matter.

The RRG argued the case all the way up to the North Carolina Supreme Court and won it for our policyholder. We rejected any notion of a case settlement which would only encourage more frequent litigation being brought nationwide motivated by cash settlements. We were willing to fight at every turn and fully support the attorney defending McKeever against a $1,000,000 settlement demand “By holding in favor of the social worker, the Court made a statement of public policy in favor of the social service professional that will influence social workers nationwide”, says Joseph T. Monahan, RRG Board President.

Most malpractice insurance carriers specifically exclude coverage relating to matters connected with divorce litigation. However, the RRG covers all matters arising from divorce litigation and marital disputes in connection with professional services rendered by insured policyholders. “The RRG has a strong and unyielding commitment to the continued protection and peace of mind of all its policyholders. We believe this case is a positive step in the right direction for social workers to treat clients with less fear of retaliation or a lawsuit by a third party”, says Tony Benedetto, NASW Risk Retention Group CEO.  

This case is an example of the advocacy and support offered through the RRG to its policyholders. “Because I was able to trust my insurance carrier and my assigned attorney fully, I was able to set aside any anxiety”, says McKeever, NASW RRG professional liability insured.